Firm Overview

Meet Our New Jersey Overtime Law Lawyers

More than three decades of combined experience stand behind our New Jersey overtime law attorneys at Jaffe Glenn Law Group. As professionals in employment law-related matters, we are acutely aware of the needs and concerns of our clients, and we do everything in our power to alleviate the problems caused by overtime and minimum wage violations.

Our office is located in New Jersey, but we are proud to represent overtime violation claims and lawsuits in states across the country. If you have questions about overtime law or you are ready to file a claim today, contact us to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from our firm.

Our Approach

The sensitive nature of overtime claims, minimum wage violation cases, as well as other employment related cases calls for the vigorous protection of an experienced lawyer. At Jaffe Glenn Law Group, we interact directly with our clients in order to ensure that they receive the personal attention they need.

Our solid reputation in the legal community and among our past clients is the result of our:

  • 24/7 commitment to clients
  • Sole focus on the prosecution of overtime violations, as well as other employment related violations
  • Ability to help some past clients receive double the amount they were owed in overtime violations

Alongside of our highly trained support staff, we are here to help our clients seek the professional legal support that they both need and deserve. We are ready to take on personal litigation cases as well as class action lawsuits, and we can do so in any territory of the United States.

If you think you might have an overtime violation lawsuit, minimum wage claim, or other employment related violations, please do not wait to contact an attorney from our firm today. Your first consultation with a member of our team is provided at no upfront cost or obligation.

Client Reviews
I highly recommend Jaffe Glenn Law Group as I know firsthand how dedicated they were in representing me. They fought hard for what I was entitled to. Their wisdom and perseverance certainly made the difference in my case. Yes, I would definitely use Jaffe Glenn Law Group in the future if the need of legal representation arises. Henry P.
The Jaffe Glenn Law Group has been astounding in the handling my case. Their greatly appreciated diligence, provided a result that exceeded expectation. DD
Jaffe Glenn is an office of excellent lawyers they have treated me very well. They won the case in a short time and got my compensation fast. Jose

Thank you so much for all you have done and are still continuing to do on my behalf with this case.
Your professionalism and sincerity throughout this case was definitely noticed. Since I am VERY familiar with the opposing side and their unsavory tactics at times, I know it wasn't very easy dealing with this case.
I appreciate your hard work, dedication and consistency.
Thanks again.