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Jaffe Glenn Law Group, P.A. represents workers in employment disputes. We have a combined 55 years of experience, during which we have represented thousands of workers. After a thorough interview and investigation, the New Jersey employment lawyers at Jaffe Glenn Law Group will clearly explain to you the potential courses of action that are available to you. Once you understand all of your options, you will tell us how you would like to proceed. We have offices in Princeton, New Jersey, as well as New York City. We accept cases throughout the State of New Jersey, including in Hudson County, Union County, Bergen County, Essex County, and Passaic County. Since we offer a free consultation, there is no risk or drawback to contacting us.

We strive to stand up for your rights. At the outset of our relationship, we will determine if you are entitled to compensation for your employer’s illegal behavior. The issues are usually whether your employer cheated you out of wages, whether you were discriminated against based upon age, race, sex, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, and/or mental or physical disability. Your employer may have fired you, is harassing you by creating a hostile work environment, retaliating against you because you suffered a work accident, or retaliated against you because you refused to go along with their illegal behavior.

Our New Jersey employment lawyers have seen too many workers being taken advantage of by their employers. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Stand up for yourself and contact an employment attorney at Jaffe Glenn Law Group, P.A. for a Free Consultation.

  • Unpaid Wages: You are entitled to be paid for all of the overtime that you worked at time and one half your regular pay. Under Federal Law, your employer has the responsibility of keeping accurate records, not you. If you work before or after you clock in, you should be paid overtime for that time. If you work through lunch, you should be paid overtime. If you are paid in cash, you are still entitled to overtime pay. If you are not a citizen, you are entitled to be paid overtime; the law says so. Even if you are paid a salary, you most likely you should be getting paid overtime.
  • Discrimination: You should not be treated differently in a negative way due to your age, race, sex, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, and/or mental or physical disability. An employer should have to pay for their prejudicial behavior. Discrimination may occur in blatant ways, or even less obvious ways, such as the words, tone, and the manner in which you are spoken to.
  • Retaliatory Discharge: You should not be demoted, harassed, or fired because of a work accident or your refusal to engage in illegal conduct. If you are injured at work, you are generally entitled to workers compensation benefits. Often times it’s illegal for an employer to terminate you if it has nothing at all to do with your performance on the job. Your employer may be using the excuse of your performance to fire you for an improper reason.
  • Whistleblower: You should not be treated poorly because you turn in a person or organization engaged in an illegal activity. A whistleblower employee may have knowledge of an employer fraud, corruption, or other illegal actions. Often times Whistleblowers are threatening to an employer because they possess information that may incriminate the employer.
  • Employment Agreements/Severance Agreements: You should not sign an employment/severance agreement without first having an employment attorney in New Jersey review the contract. They usually contain terms that can greatly affect your employment. For example, an agreement may contain a non-solicitation clause, a non-compete clause, and a severance clause. You do not want to agree to terms without fully understanding the consequences.
  • Harassment: If you have been harassed, whether it be based upon discrimination, the creation of a hostile work environment, or some other behavior, it is best to put your employer on notice of the harassment. If the behavior does not stop, you may be able to pursue legal action. You are entitled to work in an environment free from abusive behavior.

We understand the problems that you deal with at work, and the stress that these problems are causing. We are here to help you. No case is too small or too big for us. We have fought against small companies as well as large companies with over 5,000 employees. We will fight for you until you receive the rewards that you deserve.

The New Jersey employment attorneys at Jaffe Glenn Law Group stand up for your rights. Or lawyers represent workers throughout the State of New Jersey, as well in New York. We attempt to settle your law suit as quickly as possible to get you what you deserve. However, if your employer does not want to do the right thing, we will fight for your rights. We will litigate your case, and if need be, we will take your case to trial before a jury or a Judge, as we have done in the past.

We work for you. Depending upon the jurisdiction you need help in, we will get to know who you are, and the unfair behavior that you have been subjected to by your employer. In today’s working world the integrity of each worker is imperative in the workplace. We will not tolerate disrespectful illegal treatment of you to go without repercussions. If you have suffered harm due to an illegal act committed by your employer, you deserve to be compensated.

It’s a fact that as workers, we spend most of our time at work. As workers, we are entitled to a workplace that follows the law; a workplace that pays its workers for ALL time spent at work; a workplace that protects workers from unlawful harassment and discrimination; a workplace where we are treated fairly and not taken advantage. At Jaffe Glenn Law Group, P.A., it is our mission to ensure that you are being treated fairly.

Often times, workers are not even aware that their rights have been violated. If you believe that something is wrong at your workplace in either New York or New Jersey, but you are unsure what it is, please contact Jaffe Glenn Law Group and we will spend time with you during your free consultation to determine whether you have a viable claim. Our time is your time. We believe that being a good listener is even more important for an employment lawyer in New Jersey than being a good talker. You do not have to feel like you are wasting our time.

Please contact Jaffe Glenn Law Group, P.A. and one of our experienced overtime and minimum wage attorneys will talk to you during a free consultation. We frequently help both English and Spanish speaking clients across NJ and NY. You can contact us by telephone at (201) 687-9977, or by filling out the form on our website. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Our Team
Andrew I. Glenn
Andrew I. Glenn

As a workers’ advocate, Andrew is relentless in litigating on behalf of his clients, leaving no stone unturned. His passion, skill, and dedication make him the attorney that you want to hire. It is of upmost importance to him is to ensure that each client is getting the best representation.

Jodi Jaffe
Jodi Jaffe

Jodi has focused her career entirely in litigation and fighting for her clients. She has tried over 30 jury trials, conducted hundreds of depositions, and has continued to hone her litigation skills throughout her career.

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I highly recommend Jaffe Glenn Law Group as I know firsthand how dedicated they were in representing me. They fought hard for what I was entitled to. Their wisdom and perseverance certainly made the difference in my case. Yes, I would definitely use Jaffe Glenn Law Group in the future if the need of legal representation arises. Henry P.
The Jaffe Glenn Law Group has been astounding in the handling my case. Their greatly appreciated diligence, provided a result that exceeded expectation. DD
Jaffe Glenn is an office of excellent lawyers they have treated me very well. They won the case in a short time and got my compensation fast. Jose

Thank you so much for all you have done and are still continuing to do on my behalf with this case.
Your professionalism and sincerity throughout this case was definitely noticed. Since I am VERY familiar with the opposing side and their unsavory tactics at times, I know it wasn't very easy dealing with this case.
I appreciate your hard work, dedication and consistency.
Thanks again.

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