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Other common employer overtime violations include:

Paying “straight time” wages for overtime hours worked – paying you the same hourly rate even for hours over the standard Forty (40). Employers often pay these extra wages in cash.

Not keeping accurate (or any!) time records of your daily start times, stop times, and actual total hours worked each week.    

Deducting time each day for “meal breaks” even if you worked through your “so-called” break.

Paying only a salary, regardless of hours worked – even if you are paid a salary you are entitled to overtime compensation.

Giving you the title of “Manager,” “Supervisor,” or “Foreman” but having you perform the same, or similar, job duties as other non-exempt workers on the job.

Requiring you to perform work “off the clock” at the beginning or end of your work day.

Paying commission wages – even if you are paid partially, or entirely, through commissions, you are often entitled to overtime pay for hours worked over Forty (40) in a week.

Providing “comp time” benefits in lieu of overtime wages – the law generally prohibits private employers from giving you “comp time” instead of overtime compensation for hours worked over Forty (40) in a week. You cannot waive your right to overtime – it is the law!

Not paying overtime wages for time you spend traveling from one job site to another during the course of your work day.

Misclassifying you as an “Independent Contractor” despite your performing the job duties that an employee does.

Not calculating your overtime rate including any and all commissions and bonuses, as the law requires.

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